Monday, May 30, 2011

Adventures in Thrifting

The Village Discount near me is a treasure trove of more than just clothes, though it sure has a ton of those.  I walked out of their Memorial Day half-off-everything sale with 16 items, costing a total of $17.78.  Wanna see the breakdown?

memorial day thrift store haul

Vintage American Tourister Luggage: $5
Puzzle for Mom: .80
Shelf: .80
Silk red plaid scarf: 1.80
Cotton blue and white flower silhouettes shirt: 1.80
Organic cotton black and grey striped shirt: 1.80
Cotton purple plaid shirt: 1.80
Silk blue dress: 1.80
Silk royal purple shirt: 3.80
Silk magenta shirt: 2.80
Linen brown shirt:2.80
Linen black shirt: 1.80
Linen beige shirt: 3.80
Linen off-white dress: 2.80

And then divide by two.  Awesome, no?

The luggage is going to hold my fabrics, which I'm very excited about.  My ultimate storage goal is to replace all the ugly plastic totes I have, and Village's luggage section is certainly helping me with that.  The silk shirts will get cut down to nice summer tops, the large purple plaid shirt I'm going to try to make a shirtdress, and the other two shirts will get refashioned too.  The silk dress is a lovely shade of blue, but perhaps I should have thought a little further ahead than that.  The scarf will either become trim or used as an actual scarf. The brown linen shirt is a little too embellished to be useful as fabric, which is the fate of the other three, but it fits me so I'm going to go with that first.

As soon as I set the tableau up, the cats decided it was theirs. So, since I had my camera out anyway, I snapped a few good ones of Jasper stubbornly taking a nap on my new clothes.

cat inspection take 2
Jasper cuddled up
"Let me sleep, hoo-mon."



    Also, I am envious of that red plaid scarf. As you know, I have a weakness for red. ohohoh, I should take pictures of the jacket I got thrift in Austin last weekend...

  2. I thought yellow was your thing? I picked up a lot of purple this go, will need to go heavy on reds next time.

    The scarf bleeds like the dickens. I'm going to have to figure out a good way to "wash" it without actually doing so.