Saturday, June 4, 2011

Day 4: Finally!

Okay, so this is only one of them, it's true.

earring full

But I've been working on the pair stage by stage, so the second isn't too far behind. I've been learning a lot of things making these, but first I think I ought to lay out their process.

Step 1: Cut out circles from paperboard (my good friends the saved cereal boxes) and glue them together.  Then cover them in a waterproof sealant. (nail polish.)

earrings side viewStep 2: Put a reasonable proportion of stuffing on a piece of gauzy lining and attach it to the circles: this is how you give the earrings that little bit of puffy three dimensionality. (Problem 1: The way I attached it to the earring blanks was I sewed it around the circle to itself....leaving a big chunk of fabric I couldn't cut off.)

Step 3:  Cut out a circle of fabric that will cover the blanks+stuffing and leave enough to pull it tight on the back. Stop the edges from fraying. (nail polish again, check.)

Step 4: Sew a gathering stitch around the edge of the fabric piece, pull it tight around the earring blank. (Problem 2: The thick fabric did not gather well around the earring.)

earrings backStep 5: Cover the back of the earring with embroidery floss, and sew the earring stud on. (Problem 3: This was the most stop-gap of all stop-gap solutions. I didn't want to go through the hassle of hemming a circular fabric at such a small size--not to mention that I didn't have anymore of the teal fabric. I also didn't want the rough edges of a fabric back that was only fray-checked. In addition, sewing the earring stud on is not exactly a process that is especially sturdy, though it suffices.)

So, to encapsulate: Find a solution for the thick and messy back of the earring. Also preferably a faster way of doing it!

As far as size, I know I wanted big earrings, but these are a little questionably so, especially when my hair's up! Maybe I will try covering buttons, even though I scorned their petite size initially.

Day 4/30

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