Thursday, June 2, 2011

Day 2: DIY = Time-consuming

Sealing and Drying

I decided what to do today too late. This is an action shot of nail polish drying. Making your own earring blanks isn't hard but it does take a while. I spent a good long time today trying to get inspired by something...perhaps when I decided excitedly what I was going to do yesterday, I should have thought ahead another day as well.

On the plus side, before my evening malaise I did manage to pack my fabric into my new vintage suitcase. The yellow notepad next to it is an inventory: Works In Progress, Potentials, and Stash. I have a lot more stash than I probably strictly need, but I'll clear up a good amount of space if I finish the projects I've already started (WIPs) and the ones I've set aside fabric for (Potentials).

fabric storage

Day 2/30   :/

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