Sunday, June 17, 2012

Projects 9,10, and Scav

Here are some terrible 2-minute photos of things I spent hours working on.

There was another one, but it fell off my wrist. Woe.
This finally got done, now all it needs is a frame.  And an iron.

Scav: There is something amiss in this Kinkade painting. 

Scav: take a thrift store painting and make it a painting about your scav team's undiluted awesome.
aka: all the items you've ever done.

Oh, and I've also been cleaning like nobody's business.


More on this topic can be found on my new tumblr, but fair warning: while I try to make this blog benignly grandma-friendly, my tumblr will not be. Let's be honest, any cleaning project of that size is going to involve some heated language.

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