Friday, May 27, 2011

Aw Yeah, New Blog.

At the start of every summer, I tell myself, "I am going to do all those things I excitedly said I was going to do last summer that I didn't manage to actually bother doing!"  You can guess how that turns out.

This summer, or more specifically, from today until July 4th, I am actually going to do all those things I always say I'm going to do.  And why do I think it will actually happen this time?  Because insanity is defined as expecting the same results, yes, but more importantly, because now I have a system of accountability! Because I am hereby promising The Internet that I'll post every day about something awesome I've drawn, crafted, sewn, fixed, knitted, organized, painted, cleaned, decorated or re-purposed. And now I'm going to have to.

Well, and it helps my resolve that my significant other has flown off on an enviable study abroad trip to the other side of the world and now it's just me and the cats rattling around our apartment, leaving me with a lot of free time. Loneliness Boredom is the mother of all Creativity, yes?

I can only hope so.  It's going to be a long, crafty, artsy, designy month!

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