Saturday, May 28, 2011

Rainy Day Blues

Welp, so far this "living alone" experiment has not been especially successful.  But, true to my word, I have been getting things done.  Mostly "looking for inspiration" on the other craft blogs of the internet, fancy that.  A truly shocking outcome of long hours of unstructured time.

cat inspection
But I also fixed a chair, yes.  And the cats helped, they tested it for stability.  While it was upside down.  Resting on a table.

paper problems
And then I spent a little more time agonizing over my French notebook, which has taught me an important life lesson: paper glued to cardboard will not bend in a well-mannered way.  If you can get it to bend much at all.  Any and all future journals will be constructed with printed materials, or possibly with an overabundance of glue and a lot of hope.

And then I finished up the banner for this blog, since the pencil version really did not work out.

So, uh, yeah.  It was much less that I was actually productive today and much more that I realized at 4pm that I needed to get some stuff done, lest I fail at my experiment on the first day!

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