Sunday, January 8, 2012

Project 1: Felted Slippers, Part 1

These have been in the works for some time, since last November. No, not November 2011, the one a couple months ago, November 2010.

This was not due to time-consuming knitting. They languished because they looked too unwieldy to seam up, an opinion which was clearly due to a lack of resolve, since all I needed turned out to be a couple of safety pins and some TV watching time. Also, the realization that my feet would really appreciate it if I managed to get them done by this winter, please.

When I did finish sewing all the pieces together and dealing with the many fiddly ends of yarn, I held them up to Scott and said, "Look, they're slippers!" To which his cautious response was that they looked a bit big for me.

Unfelted Slippers
Pre-felted. Observe the questionable excess length on righty.

Felting turned out to be a hairy process--not just in the sense that it was fraught with potential peril, as all my felting misadventures have been, but that the yarn sheds like we have adopted a new, very blue cat. It required a lot of pulling them out, trying them on, fitting them to my feet when they were close, throwing them back in and hoping for the best.

Felted Slippers
Color coordination. Note the differences in went in for one more wash, the other didn't.

Overall though, they turned out like they were supposed to, though the heels may be problematic in the end; one is sliiiightly too tight, the other slightly too loose. Some people have cut the heels open and resewed them to fit, which I may well do. But, not presently. Right now, they're drying, and so close to being done.

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