Thursday, January 19, 2012

Project 2: Painter's Smock

Art classes make me explicably happy. Even better, arguably, is making what you take to art class. Metacraft, the construction of your own supplies for the creation of another work, etc. Well, a painter's smock isn't quite a tool in that sense but it does fit a painting class requirement. The clothes-are-not-paint-rags requirement.

The Super Cheapo Thrift had a half-off, Buy One Get One Free sale the other day, which, contrary to all expectations, is not a redundancy. Everything is 50% off, and then you get half of it for free.

Thus, I got to turn this stunningly atrocious overalls dress into a functional apron.
smock aftersmock before

Probably in the near future I'll put a front pocket on it, the art room has surprisingly little supply space. It would also limit the bunchiness of something being pulled over jeans and their pockets/button/zipper fly.

Its construction was super easy, all I had to do was rip out the side seams, hem them, sew the shoulder straps together into a halter, and cut one part of the back into ties. I'll use the other part of the excess fabric to make the pocket. I also sewed the upper sides to be more sloping and a little less obviously armhole seams. I left the side pocket on and it works quite nicely for cell, tissue and cough drop holding. I'm super pleased with how it turned out, as long as I don't try to paint with the other hand on my hip, like I'm Artemisia or something, and get paint on all the hip areas that aren't covered by aprons. Haven't yet, but we'll see.

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